O texto publicado abaixo foi extraído do site da Resistência Iraquiana. Vale a pena dar uma conferida e refletir sobre o processo cerebral de desconstrução do Iraque, arquitetado pelo governo norte-americano e que prevê a formação de três estados naquela região, como uma forma de facilitar os negócios petrolíferos.


Iraqi medical professor from Babil University murdered. Mossad widely blamed for mysterious deaths of hundreds Iraqi intellectuals since US occupation.

In a dispatch posted at 12:04pm Makkah time midday Tuesday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that unknown armed men shot and killed a professor in the Babil University College of Medicine northeast of al-Hillah, which is about 100km south of Baghdad, on Monday.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that unknown armed men opened fire on Dr. ‘Ali Fallih al-Ghariri as he came out of his house in the Jablah – al-‘Aziziyah – al-Hillah junction area about 50km northeast of al-Hillah. Dr. al-Ghariri was on his way to the al-Hillah Surgical Hospital where he worked at the time of the shooting. The assassins fled in their car after killing the doctor.

The killing came amidst a wave of assassinations of Iraqi doctors, scientists, and academics. Such attacks have frequently been blamed by some on the Zionist secret service, the Mossad.

Hundreds of Iraqi intellectuals have been mysteriously shot and killed since the US invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003. On 14 June 2005, the Palestine Information Center published a report maintaining that the Mossad had killed 530 Iraqi scientists and professors in the previous seven months.

The report stated that “Israeli” Mossad agents and commandos had been operating in occupied Iraq for more than a year, with the specific task of targeting Iraqi scientists and intellectuals. The Zionists reportedly launched the campaign after intensive efforts by American occupation authorities to get Iraqi scientists to defect to the US failed. (See “Palestine Information Center reports: Zionist Mossad has assassinated 530 Iraq scientists and professors in last seven months,” in Iraqi Resistance Report: Wednesday, 15 June 2005.)
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