A luta no Iraque continua. Mesmo em condições extremamente difíceis, o povo iraquiano enfrenta com extraordinária valentia as tropas terroristas norte-americanas e resiste ao processo criado pelo Pentágono, pelo Departamento de Estado e pelas grandes companhias americanas de fragmentação do país, dividindo-o em três estados frágeis e instáveis. Para isso o exército invasor e suas forças auxiliares extermina todos os quadros de oposição, concentrando-se particularmente no assassinato de professores e estudantes.

Arab Baath Socialist Party elects ‘Izzat Ibrahim General Secretary, succeeding the martyred President Saddam Husayn as head of the pan-Arab political party.

The Arab Socialist Baath Party issued the following statement dated Thursday, 21 June 2007 and published on the Internet today:

“An official spokesman of the National Culture and Information Bureau of the Arab Socialist Baath Party announced that the Arab National Command of the party had elected Comrade ‘Izzat Ibrahim – the Chief Secretary of the Arab Baath Socialist Party for the Arab Region of Iraq and a member of the National Command – General Secretary of the entire party, following the assassination of its General Secretary the Martyr Leader Saddam Husayn.

“The spokesman said that the Arab National Command elected its General Secretary of the party, the post having become vacant, at its most recent meeting held in May. The meeting also studied the general Arab situation and the situation of the party and its Arab National organizations and discussed ways to move the party on to an advanced stage of the struggle for the completion of the task of liberating Iraq from the occupation, the central task of the Arab national struggle.

“The spokesman indicated that a detailed communiqué on the meeting and its resolutions would be issued.”

Patriotic Iraqi Communist organization extends “fraternal congratulations” to ‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri on his election to the post of General Secretary of the Arab Baath Socialist Party.

One day after the Baath Party announced that ‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri had been elected to the post of General Secretary of the pan-Arab Baath Party, the Iraqi Communist Party – Leadership Committee sent a cable of congratulations to ‘Izzat Ibrahim.

“To our dear, militant comrade ‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri, the General Secretary of the respected Arab Baath Socialist Party,

“Warm Comradely Greetings!

“It is with the utmost pride and esteem that the Leadership Committee of our Iraqi Communist Party conveys to you our most sincere congratulations and felicitations on the occasion of your election as General Secretary of your fraternal party. We are certain of the wisdom of your leadership and your revolutionary course at this difficult historical stage through which our country and our people are passing as they confront the most vicious imperialist-Zionist-Iranian aggression and tyrannical occupation that has inflicted total destruction on all the components of the country that flourished and enjoyed security, stability, and progress by virtue of the patriotic and revolutionary course followed by the leadership of your party, which still – with its persevering and tireless struggle – plays the central role on the field of jihad and revolutionary resistance against the invading occupiers and their treasonous and mercenary stooges who arrived on the backs of tanks to become a part of the dirty and evil mechanism of ruin, death, and slaughter of their own people.

“Among those traitors was a lame clique that betrayed the Iraqi Communist Party and who are represented by the lackey Hamid Musa al-Bayyati. We have pledged ourselves with the zeal of all the honorable militants inside our Communist Party that we will not permit that bunch of traitors to besmirch the history of our Communist Party, which is known as a patriotic and revolutionary party that never makes peace with the enemies of the people and the homeland. The bold and historic Resolution of the Leadership Committee issued in the communiqué of 19 May 2007 declared the expulsion of this leading clique of stooges and the non-recognition of its political and organizational legitimacy. At its so-called Eighth Congress – a congress of national betrayal – that leading clique tried for the first time in the history of our party to lay down a policy opposed to the interest of our people and our homeland, one that serves the plans and projects of the occupation. It will not be long before this putrid gang that has now seized control of the party with the unlimited support of all the departments of international secret services, and in the first place the American Central Intelligence Agency and the world Zionist intelligence, is consigned to the garbage heap of history.

“We take this occasion to affirm to you our attitude of determination and cooperation with your fraternal party and all the patriotic, Arab nationalist, and Islamic forces manning the trenches of confrontation with the occupation and its colonialist ambitions that seek to turn Iraq into a launch pad for aggression throughout the region, having wallowed in such barbarous crimes that history has never seen the like of such savagery. We understand how important is our militant alliance. On the path of liberation and independence and the patriotic principles that have stood the test of time we stand as one in the front ranks of the heroic confrontation. This is always the correct choice and the surest, most trusted weapon of defiance of all enemies who lust after what we value.

“In conclusion, we wish you and all the militant comrades in your party, continued successes and victories over all our enemies.

“Long live Iraq, free, Arab, and united!

“Long live all the jihadi organizations of the heroic Iraqi patriotic Resistance, and in the first place our army and its bold armed forces!

“Glory to our virtuous martyrs, and in the first place to the martyr Saddam Husayn!

“Long live Arab Palestine!

“The Iraqi Communist Party – the Leadership Committee. 22 June 2007.”
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